Hey! I’m Ellora…

I’m a designer, a DIY crafter,  and I write pretty words… on everything! I have a passion for typography, calligraphy, and creating custom signs and lettering for events, gifts, and home. Oh, and let’s not forget my passion for really cute shoes and an organized home! 

What makes Creatively Southern unique is every piece we create is different. Sure, we may make the same thing twice, but no two creations are ever exactly the same. Maybe it’s a different style of lettering, a different quote, a different color, or a different build all together. We believe everything we offer and create should be unique as the person we create it for. I guess you could say that everything we create is a “one of a kind”!


What I Do...

General Calligraphy (envelopes, placecards, gift bags, etc.)

Signage Calligraphy & Lettering (chalkboards, mirrors, windows, wood signs, etc.)

Custom Gifts (apparel, accessories, mugs, prints, home decor, custom built pieces, etc.)

Digital Lettering (website, graphic design, etc.)

Design & Printing (invitations, stationary, etc.

Murals, Workshops, …and more!!