Makers in the Making...

Home Projects, Woodworking, Laser printing, 3D Printing, handmade gifts, and more!

We're Britt and Ellora...

We design stuff, make stuff, and sometimes we break stuff – and then fix it!

We are makers! We are self-taught, and we love to create. Our projects range from woodworking, laser cutting, 3D printing, home improvement, hand-lettering, life hacks, and some other random impractical and fun DIY projects! Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we do over. Join us in our journey of projects as we create home and everything else we can dream up. Whether you come for the tutorials, ideas, or our sense of humor as we share our real lives, you are always welcome at our home here. And, if even just one person finds inspiration from all of this, then we have already accomplished more than we ever thought possible!

We provide hand lettering services! Whether it’s a custom design for your home, business, or event, or just a personalized gift – we would love to create a special piece for you. Learn More…

General Calligraphy (envelopes, placecards, gift bags, etc.)

Signs & Lettering (chalkboards, mirrors, windows, wood signs, etc.)

Custom Gifts (apparel, accessories, mugs, prints, home decor, custom built pieces, etc.)

Laser Engraving (preserve a loved one’s handwriting or create something unique)

Digital Lettering (website, graphic design, etc.)

Design & Printing (invitations, stationary, etc.

Murals, Workshops, …and more!!