Make A Spring Eucalyptus Wreath


Hey there friends! Can you believe Mother’s Day is just next weekend? If you’re still searching for that special mother’s day gift or maybe just a little something to freshen things up around the house for springtime, here’s a simple eucalyptus wreath that you can make! The great thing about eucalyptus is not only is it aromatic, but it can also repel bugs or fleas in your home.

Wintertime Mantel

wintertime mantel

Christmas is just a couple of days away and the mantel  is ready and awaiting the arrival of good ol’ St. Nick! I’ll share the wintertime decorations with you and show you an easy way to take  a plain holiday wreath and dress it with a little flocking to make it just right for a snowy theme. Best of all, these decorations can stay up even after the holiday! [Please click to continue reading…]

flocked holiday wreath


Holiday Home Tour 2014


Finally, here it is less than a week before Christmas, the holiday home tour! Hey, better late than never, right? Yeah, I’ll go with that. I cleaned things up around here a little (and what didn’t get cleaned, got shoved out of camera site!) to get things ready for the holidays! Let’s take a looksie shall we at the holiday home tour of 2014.


Holiday Front Door Decorating With Ice Skates

holiday decorating with ice skates

Happy Holidays!! It’s after Thanksgiving so I can say that now, right? For crying out loud, it’s after December 1st already! Can you believe it?? I think I missed a few days… must have been the turkey coma. All of the sudden Christmas is 23 days away!! Did that just send you into a head spinning panic whirl?? I’m right there with ya!

I’ve been feverishly trying to get all the holiday decorations up and thankfully I think we are ready. Well, maybe. In any case, I got up some holiday front door decor so for anyone that is just passing by the house it looks like we totally have it all together. Nevermind the chaos that is going on behind that closed door…

Grandinroad Inspired Halloween Wreath

halloween knock-off wreath

I can’t believe it’s already October!! I spent part of the weekend trying to get some Halloween decorating done, starting with this Grandinroad Inspired Halloween Wreath which is donning the wicked mantel this year. This wreath caught my eye because of all the different patterns and I loved the broom and witch hat accessories. I set out to a few craft stores and made a knock-off version of this wreath for only $40, and I’ll show you how. [Please click to continue reading…]halloween knock-off wreath

Natural Jute Fall Wreath

fall jute wreath

fall jute wreath

Earlier I shared my fall mantel display which included more neutral colors and natural decor like this jute Fall wreath. This wreath is so easy to make, but does take a little time. Here’s how I made this wreath for less than $15!

I used a white 16″ styrofoam wreath form for the base. You can see I had a little helper on this one. (Love those little baby hands!) :) [Please click to continue reading…]

Fall Mantel Decorating

fall mantel banner

It’s finally official! Fall is here and this weekend I spent some time enjoying the cooler weather and fixing up some fall decorations around the house, starting with the Fall mantel. This year, I’m going more neutral and natural with the fall decorating. [Please click to continue reading…]

fall mantel banner

Easy Fall Burlap Wreath

fall burlap wreath

Have I mentioned that I love fall?? Yeah, thought I might have brought that up a time or two. :) I’m over at the The Girl Creative today sharing my new Fall Burlap Wreath tutorial. This is so easy and quick to put together, which is great when you’re trying to push out a new wreath during naptime! :) Hope you’ll hop on over to Diana’s blog and check out my post!

fall burlap wreath

Minnie Mouse Wreath

minnie mouse wreath

Happy Wednesday!! On Monday,  I shared all the fun pictures from Bree’s 2nd Birthday Party. As promised, I wanted to share with you the Minnie Mouse Wreath that I made for the party, even though all the humidity kept me from hanging it outside. Yes, even duct tape didn’t keep it up!? WHUUT!??  I know, crazy.

This was a fun crafty wreath that went perfectly with her birthday party theme, and I was able to make it in under 20 minutes! I mean like 20 minutes before the party started. :) [Please click to continue reading…]

minnie mouse wreath

Paper Flower Valentine Wreath

happy valentines day wreath

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. I thought we’d start this week off with a little love and fun since Valentine’s Day is only a month away! I took some time this weekend to make this simple paper flower wreath just for that sweet occasion, Valentine’s Day!   To make this wreath, […]

{Pinterest Party Time!}


Hey hey!! I have a few more Christmas ideas to share with you today! A few of us girls got together this last weekend for a little Pinterest party to get a jump start on our Christmas crafts! And here is what we created: If you have not yet participated in a Pinterest party, check […]

{Fall Wreath for Thanksgiving}


Hey there! If you’re new here, I’d love for you to take a look around and consider following me so you’ll never miss a post! :) I hope you had a good weekend. The weather has really turned cold here but we braved the elements and enjoyed some Halloween festivities! Now, I’m already working on some […]

{Spooky Halloween Wreath}


Happy Monday! How was your weekend? We spent most of our weekend enjoying the weather, organizing a few things around the house, and getting out all the Halloween decorations! I couldn’t resist anymore and decided to go ahead and put up our Halloween wreath! After all, Halloween is only 31 days away. This wreath is […]

{Easy Fall Wreath}


Is it too early to start fall decorating?!   Okay, so it was 90 degrees yesterday, but I am so ready for fall that I decided to get a head start with an easy fall wreath! I found my inspiration at an Etsy shop and fell in love with some awesome wreaths. Naturally, when I […]