How I Made the Move from Blogger to WordPress

how to move to wordpress

how to move to wordpress

It’s been about nine months now since I made the move from Blogger to WordPress. I made the leap. I’ll be honest… there were several times that I almost regretted making the move in the beginning. There was so much to learn in a quick time and keep blogging. Now, I’m so glad I did it. Do I wish I had started on WP? Eh, alot of bloggers say yes, but since I was only eight months in, it didn’t really matter. Now rather than re-inventing the wheel here, I’m going to give you the links to the three tutorials I used to make the move from Blogger to WordPress on my own. All of these have different tips and advice, but all of them should help you insure that you keep all your contents, comments, and subscribers!

New Blog Button!


Hey there peeps! Hope you had a good weekend! We had two straight days of rainy weather here which left me to finding things to do to entertain a toddler indoors.  Lucky for me, she was very content to coloring, planning an indoor tea party, helping clean and cook, dancing around the house with mommy, playing with legos, and watching Mickey’s Clubhouse. Every.single.episode. :)

I did manage to get some time yesterday to tweak a few things on the blog and I’ll be sharing tips with you later this week. I’ve really been wanting to work on a logo design, but that’s a project that I’m learning I can’t do by myself. [Please click to continue reading…]


How to Add A Blog Signature

add a blog signature

Hey there! I’m back! Okay, so maybe you noticed… or maybe you didn’t, but I took a week off from the blog posts. Let’s just call it my Spring Break, umkay? I took some time to do some things I really wanted to do and to get started on some projects around the house. You’ll soon be seeing them unfold right here, not to worry. :)

So, let’s just kick this thing back off with a blog tip post for my fellow bloggers out there. :) Part 5: How to Add a Blog Signature – Blogging Tips for Beginners.

add a blog signature