How to Build a Firepit


Hey there! Hope you had a great weekend! We got so much done this weekend and one of those projects was phase 2 of our patio – The firepit! I can’t believe that it has taken us almost a month to do something that took us less than an hour to complete. Really, it took […]

Stamped Concrete Patio Design


Hi there! I am so excited to share some pictures of our new patio! This was so much fun to design and even better is that I love the two tone colors they used to stain it. Remember the big round concrete pad that looked like a helipad a few weeks ago? Yeah, doesn’t look […]

Patio or Helipad??


Hey there! Been a busy summer but this week some exciting things have been going on in the back yard. Back in May, we replaced our old deck with a fancy shmancy new, bigger, better deck. My plans for this whole renovation (see that here) included a nice patio, complete with firepit and dining table. […]