The Cure for Dry Winter Skin {Homemade Lotion Recipe}

cure for dry skin

One of my biggest problems with winter weather is that it wreaks havoc on my skin. I end up keeping a small bottle of lotion on me at all times and no matter how much I use I inevitably still end up with dry, itchy skin. Have your hands ever been so dry that they hurt? Maybe even crack and peel? I’ve finally found a cure for even severely dry skin that I can’t get enough of. Even those with cracked dry skin will see a huge difference with just a few applications of this homemade lotion recipe. And what’s even better? It’s easy to make, only takes a few minutes to whip up, and perfect for even sensitive skin types.


Tips For Soothing A Sick Toddler

Tips for Soothing a Sick Toddler

Hey there friends!  Today’s post is not about any of the DIY projects that are always never-ending. I don’t have any crafty creations up my sleeves, and I’m not slaving away in the kitchen over the next Iron Chef recipe.  Nope, none of that happened today, because I’m the mom. The mom of a sick toddler.


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