Easy Winter Snow Globe

easy snow globe winterscene

Hey there! How was your weekend?? I managed to keep the Christmas decorating urge at bay for one more week, but I’ve got to say that maybe there were a few decorations that found their way out of the attic this weekend. And perhaps there are several boxes and bags of crafty holiday glitter and shine that are hiding in the corners of the house just waiting to come out and play. :)

I’ve got some ideas already for the holiday home decor, and this easy winter snow globe is just the perfect little decoration to inspire some wintertime fun! [Please click to continue reading…]


Tips For Visiting The Pumpkin Patch

loads of fun

Happy Columbus Day! I’m taking a little reprieve this weekend to have some fun out on the farm with Miss Bree. About a forty-five minute drive out into the country will take you right to Oakes Farm in Corryton, Tennessee. Every year, Oakes Farm hosts one of the largest Fall attractions in our area with a Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch for all ages. Aside from the corn maze and pumpkin patch, they also have over 25 more fun activities for kids! Since we had so much fun on the farm last year, I definitely wanted to take Bree back now that she can enjoy it a little more at her age.

Bree at Oakes

If you’ve never been out to a pumpkin patch, I highly recommend it. There’s nothing like getting away from the city and just enjoying the open countryside. Here’s a few tips and highlights from our visit that might just help you plan yours! [Please Read On…]

Easy DIY Apron for Kids

diy kids apron

Hey there friends! I’m busy enjoying the week off from work with my daughter, but that doesn’t mean I’m taking off from my projects. :) Miss Bree has really been getting into cooking lately, whether it be real food or pretend. So I decided it was time to add a little more fun to her cooking activities with an special DIY apron just for her. Best of all, I made it for only $8 and had it done in under 15 minutes! [Please click to continue reading…]

diy kids apron