Framed Flower Art

flower art

Happy Monday! Last week I shared the reading nook that is finally finished for the little girl of the house. Today, I’m sharing how I made the framed flower art that I made to hang on either side of the window in her room.

flower art

 This is an easy project that takes about 30 minutes or less to create! All you need is a picture frame, flower, scrapbook paper, and glue. I picked up a couple of frames from Michael’s craft store along with these bright colorful daisies! The scrapbook paper was $5 from Walmart. [Please click to continue reading…]

Closet Reading Nook

closet reading nook

HI! :) Hope you’ve had a good week! I’m back and so excited to mark off another item from the to-do list of 2013 with the completion of the kiddo’s closet reading nook!

closet reading nook

If you remember back in January this room had only a fresh coat of paint and a new DIY light pendant. Now, it’s become a favorite hangout every night for story time and play!  Let’s take a look at a before picture, shall we?  Hang on to your seat!  [Please click to continue reading…]

Build Your Own Bookshelves

Reading Nook shelves
Hidee friends!! Today, I’m happy to share some progress that we have made on the closet reading nook we are designing for our daughter. I found a way to make these easy wooden picture ledges that also make great bookshelves for children. And the best part, they cost me less than $20 for all them! Cheap Cheap!! :)


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