How To Clean Blinds {And a Minor Repair}

Hey friends!! Have you missed me? I’ve had a slight case of Spring fever lately and have been busy getting a jump start on some spring cleaning. I recently took down our blinds in the office and EWWW! Let’s just say that having two dogs and a toddler in the house can really do a number on our windows, especially the blinds. If you ever wanted to know how to clean blinds the easy way, here’s my tips!

How to Clean Blinds


In the past, my method on how to clean blinds involved first, putting it off as long as possible, probably moaning and groaning a little bit about i,t and finally resorting to t the swiffer wipes. Cleaning and scrubbing every. single. slat. on our blinds.  Talk about tedious and taking forever! Who has that kind of time or patience for that matter?? Maybe you, and I admire you if you do! ;)

So this time I decided to go the easy way to clean our blinds. Now, if you are into homemade non-chemical cleaning methods, then I totally admire you and want to be like you. Seriously, I want to learn your methods. Nonetheless, this post might not be for you, sorry! :) When you live with dogs, kids, and the grime on these blinds, I need the best and quickest way to disinfect and clean. I used some good ol’ fashioned bleach and water. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. (Safety warning: Bleach and all chemicals should always be kept strictly out of reach and access to all pets and children of all ages!) :))

how to clean blinds


We have a huge bathtub in our master bath and it worked perfectly for cleaning the blinds. I just mixed some bleach in with the hot water, and let the blinds soak for a few minutes. Drain and rinse extremely well. If you wanted to try a safer route, I recommend using vinegar instead of the bleach. That will be my next method. ;)

It happened to a warm day out when we did this, so we laid our blinds out in the sun as we dried them. And then we had a slight problem…

how to clean blinds


Somehow in the transporting of the blinds from the upstairs bathroom to the back deck, we broke one of the slats. Although I thought this was a great excuse for some new window treatments, I decided I better go with a DIY quick fix.

All I had to do was replace the broken slat with a perfectly good one! Luckily I had a couple of extra slats on the bottom of the blinds. I used the same technique to fix my blinds that is used when you need to shorten them.

how to fix blinds


Using a screwdriver, pop off the plastic buttons on the bottom of the blinds. (By the way, it’s best to do this while the blinds are hanging up.)

Then pull out all the extra string and remove the plastic button. I had to cut the pull cord to remove the plastic button. Cut just above the knot.

how to fix blinds



Then locate your broken slat in the blinds and slide the pull cord all the way out to that location.

fix my blinds


Once the pull cord is pulled out (no pun intended) on both sides, you can easily slide the broken slat outta there and move a new one from the very bottom into it’s place.

Presto!! Then just re-thread the pull cord back through all the slats until you reach the bottom.

fix my blinds



Re-thread the plastic buttons back onto the pull cords and tie a knot to hold it on.


how to fix my blinds


Push all the extra strings back into the hole and secure the plastic button and you’re done!!

Now we’ll be keeping the faux wood blinds a little longer in the office. And with the quick cleaning we did on them, they look brand new!! No more sticky fingerprints or who knows what else!

Speaking of which, I did manage to paint the office this weekend! Here’s a sneak peek as we get one step further toward my inspiration room!



No more red room!!! I am so excited how a simple change of paint can have such a big impact! But there is still a lot to do in here. So if you are looking for me, you’ll know where I’ll be. :) And yes, I had a little photo-bomber in the picture, but really…who could ask her move???

Thanks so much for sharing your random facts with me last week! I had so much fun reading every comment and I feel so much better to know that some of you share the same quirks! We could seriously be BFFs! ;)

Hope you have a great week! Anyone else out there getting Spring Fever yet??

Update: I’ve had a lot of questions and even more suggestions on how to clean blinds including the real wood kind. Check out my post over on HomeTalk and read the comments for even more ideas and suggestions!

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  • kelly @ view along the way

    Wait… you’re supposed to clean your blinds? :) *ahem*

    • Ellora

      Hahaha, Kelly! Yeah, my sentiments exactly when I saw the grime on mine. We won’t say how long it had been, um-kay? :)

  • Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

    You are saving my life right now! I had no idea you could actually fix them! I usually toss them and buy new, and that gets a little expensive! Thank so much for sharing!!!

    • Ellora

      Jessica, I seriously was tossing these out to the trash when I saw the slats on the bottom and the light bulb suddenly went off. haha! Glad this was helpful for you!

  • Ivana

    i wash my blinds in a dishwasher, and it’s perfect!

    • Mel

      Dishwasher??? Go on…

      • Dianne Arendell

        Most of mine are to big to fit in the dishwasher

    • Andrea

      tell me how, I have 4 sets in livingroom that are currently accessible as floor was redone, and all furniture it out till next week or so they say. Not to mention 5 upstairs.

    • Ellora

      Ivana, I love it! Although do you think my hubby would have me committed if he saw me packing the blinds in the dishwasher without saying anything first? hahaha Thanks for sharing your tip and for visiting today!

  • jeannette marsland

    I lay mine out on a sunny day on the concrete driveway, stretched out fully with slats closed, then take the garden hose with the car wash brush on it, fast easy and the water mess is outside

    • Mel


    • Ellora

      Great idea Jeannette! I’m so ready for warmer weather. It makes Spring cleaning so much easier, doesn’t it?

  • Jacque

    This is great! Just pinned it!!!

    • Ellora

      Thanks so much Jacque!! :)

  • Mel

    This is genius. So… does this washing technique also work for those “wood” blinds too?

    • Ellora

      Thanks Mel! Actually, I’ve posted this over on Hometalk and there are alot of comments there about how to clean real wood blinds. Some people are suggesting using Murphy’s Oil Wood Soap and only leaving the blinds in for a few seconds, but if their real wood, I’m a little nervous to drop them in a tub of water! :) Maybe try wiping them down with a damp cloth and Murphy’s Oil soap. I would definitely try wiping them down with a fabric softener sheet too, to help repel dust. Hope that helps ya! Thanks so much for your comments and visiting!!

  • Tameria

    great tips, thank you. blinds are a love hate relationship… for a safe product try simple green. I use it on EVERYTHING… car floors bathroom even my rubber stamps. and its amazing and safe for pets and if course our little munchkins!

    • Ellora

      Thanks Tameria! Simple Green is an awesome product! Great idea!

  • sfarq

    In lieu of bleach mix in Hydrogen Peroxide; it actually kills viruses as well as germs which bleach does not. My pediatrician’s office uses it in lieu of bleach because bleach is so toxic to your indoor air.

    • Ellora

      That’s a great idea sfarq. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kerri

    I broke a slat just like that on similar blinds, and I just glued the broken piece back on with a quick grab super glue. Worked surprisingly well. Just use a tiny amount of glue so you don’t glue the slat to the cord by mistake!

    • Ellora

      Kerri, I almost did the same thing! In fact, if I didn’t have a few extra slats on the bottom of the blinds, I would have definitely had to glue some pieces back together. Great tip!! Thanks for your comment and for visiting!

  • Laura

    So can I do this with my wood slatted blinds??

    • Ellora

      Hi Laura! Thanks so much for your question. I would not recommend dropping your real wooden slat blinds into the tub of water. Mine are faux wood and it worked out great. But I would be afraid of messing up the actual wooden blinds. You could try using some Murphy’s Oil wood soap and wipe them down with a fabric softener sheet to help repel dirt and dust in the future. I would recommend you check out the post over at hometalk. If you read thru the comments, there is even more tips and advice from readers there. Here is the link: Hope this helps!!

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  • Dianne Arendell

    I just did my kitchen blinds today, I use to be a smoker, so between that, grease, and one was one my kitcken window right in front of my sink and the blind comes down to the counter so there was a real dried on mess! I got out my quick n brite it comes as a paste but you melt it down in the microwave and then add water. I used about 2 tablespoons quick n brite to about 2 cups of water. I used a brush and brushed it on but you can putinto a spray bottle. Let set for a few minutes then wipe down. Quick n brite is non toxic safe around children and pets. Mixture is also great to spray on your cabnets as well, cuts the grease but doesnt hurt the finish. I am allergic to everything and i can use this with no problems.

    • Ellora @ Creatively Southern

      Thanks Dianne! Great tips on the Quick n Brite! And good to know it’s safe for children and sensitive skin. I’m definitely going to be checking it out. Spring Cleaning time is here!

  • Marianne

    Love your paint job. Do you know the name of the color?

    • Ellora @ Creatively Southern

      Hi Marianne! Yes, it is Great White Way from Lowe’s.

    • Ellora @ Creatively Southern

      Actually I may have given you the wrong color! Yikes! ;) You want the color of the office wall?? That is Sherwin Williams Aloof Gray. I love it!!!

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  • Lisa

    Thank you for the tip on how to fix the broken slat in the blinds! My cat broke a slat in one of our bedroom blinds five years ago and I have just left it all these years. Was looking for tips on cleaning blinds and found your tip. All fixed now!!

    • Ellora @ Creatively Southern

      Don’t ya just love all those little things that need to fixed that we never seem to get around to? Yes, I have a lot of those on my to-do list! :) Glad this was helpful to you!! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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  • Laura

    If you don’t want to use bleach, I use super hot water in the bathtub with a 1/2ish cap of laundry detergent – works amazing! I just let them soak for a while, then rinse them off with the showerhead, and hang them over our fence out back to dry in the sun – it’s amazing because it even gets the cords clean which of course you can’t do when doing them all by hand.

    • Ellora @ Creatively Southern

      That’s a great idea and a safer solution if you do not want to use bleach. Thank you Laura for sharing this! I would bet some Borax added to the mix of laundry detergent would work great as well!