Tips For Soothing A Sick Toddler

Hey there friends!  Today’s post is not about any of the DIY projects that are always never-ending. I don’t have any crafty creations up my sleeves, and I’m not slaving away in the kitchen over the next Iron Chef recipe.  Nope, none of that happened today, because I’m the mom. The mom of a sick toddler. Our little one has come down with some kinda croup and woke up this morning hotter than a dutch oven. So today, I’m not covered up in sawdust, paint, or craft glue. Instead, I am washing the vomit out my hair, the snot out of all my clothes, and treating the stains from a tightly squeezed juice box!  And maybe after all that, I’ll have time to eat a real meal. This is real life.

Tips for Soothing a Sick Toddler

If you’re a parent, you know how hard it is when you have a sick toddler. They feel bad.  YOU feel bad because they feel bad, and you’d do just about anything to make it all better! Taking care of a sick toddler can leave you feeling helpless and exhausted at the end of the day. One moment you’re cuddling on the couch. The next moment your  little one is having a meltdown because you didn’t put the Minnie Mouse diaper on her. Then you find yourself dancing to the hot dog song around the living room just to make her laugh. (You know you’ve done it- thank goodness there is no video of this!)

Learning to wink

Our daughter – learning to wink.

Even on these tough days, you can muddle through the bodily fluids and still earn the parent of the year award! (lovely, isn’t it?) :) Here are a few tips I’ve learned in caring for and soothing a sick toddler.

  • What’s their favorite treat? Your sick toddler may have a fever, but she may not have an appetite. Be sure to have some special treats around to help soothe her. For us, those treats include fruit snacks, goldfish crackers, juice,apple sauce, and popsicles. Don’t judge, she did have Chicken and Stars for dinner, and she’ll be back on peas and carrots when the fever goes down. 
  • Bend the rules. I’m pretty sure that we spent half of our day watching every episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and a few other Disney Jr. favorites. The way I see it, one day of TV will not ruin her for life. In fact, she fell asleep in my arms a few times. *happy sigh*  I also let her sleep in the bed with me this morning and at naptime. (gasp!) I know.
  • No chores, no projects. It’s all about your sick toddler today. Don’t fret. The dishes will still be in the sink, tonight can be pizza night, and the laundry will wait for you. Trust me. Mine is staring at me right now.
  • Bath time! – Bath time is a great way to entertain a sick toddler, and it can also help with bringing down a fever. If your toddler isn’t big on baths, keep a cool washcloth handy to help soothe those flushed cheeks.
  • Call Nana. – If you’re child is running a fever and having company is not a good idea, then at least call a grandparent to help cheer up your puny tot. This works every time for us, even when she’s not sick. Instant happy mood! Because Nana spoils and I’m okay with that. (Who am I  kidding? I call Nana for my own moral support too!)
  • Take care of you. Remember that you need some TLC too to stay at your best and be healthy to care for your child. This means, napping when they nap, consider calling in some help so you can rest, and don’t forget to eat. Like a real meal. At least once today.  Drink plenty of fluids and encourage your little one to drink as well! Keep some special treats around for you too. Peanut M&M’s anyone??
  • Know your dosage and the pediatrician’s phone number.  Sometimes, symptoms can be pretty scary with a sick toddler. Keep your medicines handy but out of reach of little hands. Know your dosage for age and weight. Don’t hesitate to call the pediatrician if you have questions or if things change suddenly.
sick toddler

Why won’t my child take medicine so willingly like this?!

I’m off to deal with some laundry and maybe some more peanut M&Ms. Because they are BOTH staring at me now. ;)

What are your tips and tricks for soothing  a sick toddler? What favorite treats does your tot love or special activities for curing what ails?


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  • Nicole @ Mendez Manor

    Oh no! I hope your little one feels better soon! Thanks for the tips…I will keep them in mind for when Olivia gets sick.

    • Ellora @ Creatively Southern

      Thanks so much Nicole! She is much better today. Even though she was sick, it was nice to stay home with my baby for some TLC and cuddle time. :)

  • Kelly M

    Great tips! Having a sick kiddo is the WORST, and it’s great to have some ideas in your arsenal to make it at least a little easier!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

    • Ellora @ Creatively Southern

      Thanks Kelly! I think a little chocolate and some goldfish crackers can cure just about anything in our house. :)